Inspection Device ・Production Management System

Committed to providing quality with Image inspection equipment and business improvement through the power measurement.

Vision Sensing Detection Device “Trident”


Integrating all factors required for Incorrect Collating Inspection Device in high dimension by improving since its launch.

・Trident : For Gathering Machine, Tipping Machine.
・Trident-S : For Saddle Stiching Machine.
・Trident-T : For Tri-Auto.
・Trident-C : For Cover page Inspection.

Standard Specification
Examination ItemMisprinting, Missing Page
Misprinted DecisionMatching1 POC(Phase-only Correlation),
Matching2(Shade information),
Inspection for plain surfaces, 2D code matching(Data Matrix)
CameraMonochrome digital CMOS camera (640×480 pixel)
LightWhite LED lighting (Stroboscope)
LensHigh resolution lens – low distortion
Operation display monitorPressure method color touch panel
Processing Speed20,000 piece / H
Misalignment allowable rangeXY : ±25mm, #: ±30° ※In the case of 50mm×50mm FOV(Field of view).
Inspection triggerEncoder signal + Photo electric sensor signal
Number of stationsMaximum 60 stations
DimensionsMain control panel : W450×H350×D200,
Sub-control panel : W390×H260×D225

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Carbon Eye


CARBON EYE is a system to install the sensors at various product equipment and easily promote improvement by digging deep into the fact of setup or non-operation decreasing productivity through manufacturing.
Though there are machines to grasp the operation status of a facility, CARBON EYE has a distinctive ability to visualize an operation process from the number of electrons and to grasp the machinery health at a glance by electrocardiogram of a facility.

Standard Specification

Power meteromron KM series
Measurement accuracy0.01A
Measurement intervalAccumulate power values ​​for 1 minute and display waveform
CO2 emission measurementCalculate CO2 emissions per minute for each device
Data registration/browsingRegister:windowsPC Windows tablet

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