Spine Gluing Machine・Automatic Corner Cutting Machine

A manufacturing process of Hardcover book, Picture book, Pocket datebook etc.

Spine gluing machine “Model 951”


Spine gluing machine to dry the cold glue on the spine of the book by its gas burner.

“Model 951” adopts ceramic fiberboard for the combustion part of the burner and forced mixing for the gas supply. Therefore, it realizes highfirepower,rapid starting, and safety of fire extinguishing.


Clamp numberOver 20 clamps
Customize available depends on unit setting and burner length.
Maximum machine idling speed4,000 rph
That restricted by drying time of burner.
Insert sectionManual feed
Unit SettingHandfeed Section – Gluing part – Glue removal roller – Burner L1,600mm ×2 – Cooling fan – Nipping section roller – Delivery section conveyer.
Delivery sectionConveyer
Compatible to connect various machines.


  • Entering part Device
  • Reinforcing glue device(Hot melt glue available)

Available for large machinery that connected to gathering machine.

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Automatic Corner Cutling Machine “Model 961”

角丸断裁機 961

The edge-gutter cutting machine which is mainly used for datebooks or picture books.

“Model 961” can be used in-line by setting up after Three-Knife Trimmer process.


Maximum machine idling speed28 rph
Please adjust setting depends on binding order.
Book SizeA6 ~ B4、Stowage height 10 ~ 90mm
Maximum stowage height is up to 140mm,if it go through Rounded corner trimming process.
Safety CoverStandard equipment, With interlock switch.


  • Manual feeding
  • Compatible with Pocket size book
  • Radius 9mm、10mm

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