Company history

1919Established as Yoshino Shuppan Kikai Co., Ltd.
1956Developed Simply Small Gathering Machine.
1968Developed Automatic Three Knife Trimmer.
1974Developed Full-Automatic Perfect Binder.
1987Succeeded the heritage and skills of Previously known as Yoshino Shuppan Kikai Co., Ltd, and Established as Yoshino Machinery Co., Ltd.
1988Developed Full-Automatic Medium-Speed Perfect Binder “WB-18.”
1989Developed High-Performance Perfect Binder “Type120.”
1990Developed Vice Gathering Machine “Type 130.”
1991Rotary Gathering Machine “Type140.”
Developed Computer-Control High-Performance Perfect Binder. “Type120-26C.”
1992Developed Stacker “Type150.”
1994High-Performance Rotary Gathering Machine “Type143.”
Developed Computer-Control Stacker “Type150-C.”
1995Developed High-Performance Perfect Binder “Type121.”
1997Main Factory Was completed in Toda-shi, Saitama.
2002Developed Automatic Three Knife Trimmer ”Type300.”
2003Developed Misprinted blocker “Trident”
2006Developed Computer-Control Automatic Three Knife Trimmer “Type300C.”
2009Developed Medium-Speed Vice Gathering Machine “Type 137.”
2010Developed Full-Automatic High-Speed Perfect Binder “VEGA.”
2011Developed High-Performance Vice Gathering Machine “ALTAIR.”
Developed Automatic Three Knife Trimmer “DENEB.”
2012Developed “POLARIS III”
2013Compact Perfect Binder “SIRIUS.”
2014Rotary Gathering Machine “ALBIREO.”
2017Partnered with Soto Kikai Seisakujyo Co., Ltd.
Partnered with Kyoritsu Kikai Seisakujyo Co., Ltd.
2018Merged with YM Giken Co., Ltd, and established as Yoshino YM Machinery Co., Ltd.
2019Merged with Yoshino Co., Ltd.
2021Acquired the shares of Osako seiki Co., Ltd. and made it a wholly owned subsidiary.